What do Procore and LEGO have in common?

It’s time to evolve.

Edwards Constructions uses a LEGO Live workshop to show teams how Procore can help drive their accreditation and innovation.

Case Study

Following team certification of the Procore platform, Edwards Constructions conducted a 2-day 2-day LEGO workshop to help teams understand how it could help with tendering, administration, finance and site management through the construction of a LEGO firestation.

Pretty creative, don’t you think? Now fully onboarded, their site and office teams use the platform to set robust finance, quality and environment KPIs.

This is what they now experience using Procore on live projects:

  • 2 full days saved each month in managing and reviewing drawings and specs
  • 100% automated inductions planned for uploading into Procore
  • 100% real-time automation of safety statistics to improve visibility

The Procore dashboard for Edwards Constructions

“The out-of-the-box productivity and integration that Procore delivers will help us build outstanding site teams. For our requirements, it’s well ahead of solutions like Aconex. Procore makes things a lot more efficient, accountable and transparent—leading to improved reliability. These are key values to our business.”
– Samual Edwards, Director

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Procore dashboard

The Procore dashboard for Edwards Constructions